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Screen-Savers is a family run mobile Windscreen Repair service covering Norfolk and Suffolk.

It has been established that over 70% of all replaced windscreens could be saved if a genuine high standard repair is carried out in time. A successfully repaired screen saves the environmentally dangerous process of discarding un-recyclable glass into landfill taking millions of years to break down.

Not all windscreen repairs carried out in the UK are of a high standard and are certainly not cost effective due to many factors including, a lack of commercial interest in saving glass if you are selling it, poor training and the use of inferior equipment.

Screen-Savers use the finest tools and chemicals in the world and their Technicians go through a rigorous training program and have a combined experience of over 45 years in Windscreen Repair.
Screen-Savers are dedicated to saving glass not selling it so no one should be fobbed off with “You need to replace that” until they have consulted the experts.

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